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A well designed, functional website generates new business

Increasingly a potential customer’s first contact with any business is on its website. Unfortunately this first contact is anonymous.  It’s a one way contact.  So although you may have a great business, if your website looks like a car crash, it is more than likely potential customer will simply click on a competitor’s site leaving you blissfully unaware of a missed sales opportunity.

If you have a leak, call a plumber

Our view is very simple – if you need some plumbing done, hire a plumber rather than trying to botch it yourself.  Designing and building a website is a bit like installing the plumbing into a house, theoretically anyone can do it, but it will leak potential customers if the site looks amateurish, the functions and links don’t work smoothly, or it fails to resize for SMART phones, laptops or any other device being used to view it.

We design effective websites everyday which is why we leave plumbing to the professionals

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Our Process

Our no-quibbles deposit refund guarantee

*Paying the deposit:  Like you, we take our business very seriously. So we ask customers to pay a deposit to deter time-wasters, which in turn helps to offer serious clients great value.  In return for this we offer a no-quibbles deposit refund - if none of the logo concepts we design appeal to you, we will return your deposit and retain the copyright of our designs.  For further information:

 See our Payment Terms

Select your package

Once you have selected your package and paid the appropriate deposit* you will be contacted by your account manager who will send a copy of the Think-ing Questionnaire and take you through our process answering any questions you might have.  We have found that all clients have different needs, so we try to offer as flexible a service as possible. If you are not sure which package best fits your needs, or require a package tailored to your needs, please contact us and an account manager will contact you to discuss your requirements

Complete questionnaire

Bear with us, some of the questions may seem a little left field but your answers can be very helpful giving us a deeper understanding of the nature of your business, its culture and customers. Our aim is to design a website both you and your customers will love.  Once you have e-mailed us your completed Think-ing questionnaire you will be contacted within two working days by your account manager, who may have further questions.  The account manager will then agree a time-line to complete the job and explain the crucial decision deadlines that will keep the project on time.


Get involved in the design

You are paying us to use our skill and experience to design your website that is just right for your customers.  That said, design is a matter of taste, so you will have the opportunity to consider different design options and comment on them so that your thoughts are incorporated by our designers.  The bottom line is that your new website should give your customers a reason to buy from you.  So it’s our job to listen and when necessary to give you our best advice on why a change you have suggested might not work. We find our best work always includes collaborating with our clients.

Launch On-line

At the end of the process your site will be posted on-line and you will be sent all of the log-on details necessary to edit your site. We will also send you our Blogg-ing guide which provides step by step professional advice on how to use blogging to bring both potential and existing customers to the site.

Our Work

The websites below are just a few of projects we have recently completed for clients.  For more detailed insight: View our case studies