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From sole trader to SME's we can find a package that suits

Starting a new business from scratch, or relaunching one, is exciting and challenging.  Whether a sole trader, or part of a start-up team, many elements are common, the scale just differs.  This is certainly true when it comes to marketing your business.  We have created a range of start-up packages to reflect this.  If none of our packages meet your requirements just call us, and we can discuss a package that will. 

Businesses that communicate effectively succeed

In our experience, regardless of size of start-up or relaunch, the businesses that succeed best are those that communicate most effectively with their customers and other stakeholders. Our job is understand your business and who you need to talk to, allowing us to design a distinctive identity.  Once achieved, and signed off by you, we apply it to the right marketing tools (logo, web design etc.) best suited to help you engage with your customers.

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Our Process

Our no-quibbles deposit refund guarantee

*Paying the deposit:  Like you, we take our business very seriously. So we ask customers to pay a deposit to deter time-wasters, which in turn helps to offer serious clients great value.  In return for this we offer a no-quibbles deposit refund - if none of the logo concepts we design appeal to you, we will return your deposit and retain the copyright of our designs.  For further information

Once you have selected your package and paid the appropriate deposit* you will be contacted by your account manager who will send a copy of the Think-ing Start-up Questionnaire and take you through our process answering any questions you might have.  We have found that all clients have different needs, so we try to offer as flexible a service as possible. If you are not sure which package best fits your needs, or require a package tailored to your needs, please contact us and an account manager will contact you to discuss your requirements

Bear with us, some of the questions may seem a little left field but your answers can be very helpful giving us a deeper understanding of the nature of your business, its culture and customers. Our aim is to design a logo and website which will give a distinctive identity making it easier for you to engage with customers.  Once you have e-mailed us your completed Think-ing Start-up questionnaire you will be contacted within two working days by your account manager, who may have further questions.  The account manager will then agree a time-line to complete the job and explain the crucial decision deadlines that will keep the project on time.

You are paying us to use our skill and experience to create and apply an identity to the marketing tools you need to communicate with your customer.  That said, design is a matter of taste, so you will have the opportunity to consider different design options and comment on them so that your thoughts are incorporated by our designers.  The bottom line is that you need to feel very good about the way your business is represented.  So it’s our job to listen and when necessary to give you our best advice on why a change you have suggested might not work. We find our best work always includes collaborating with our clients.


At the end of the process your new identity will be appplied to all of the materials included in your package and your website posted on-line. You will be sent all of the log-on details necessary to edit your site.

Digital files of all the artwork necessary to create your marketing materials will be sent to you, including the Market-ing guide which includes some pointers on printing your materials as well as some practical marketing tips based on running businesses & brands.

Once final payment has been received we will transfer copyright of all IP to your ownership.

Our Work

These are just a few of the start-ups we have recently helped to launch. View our case studies.