About Us

Wise heads and fresh talent based in London & Bristol

We are a blend of wise heads and fresh talent, who draw from a reservoir of marketing and design experience built up over thirty years, and refreshed by the knowledge of first generation digital designers born in the internet age.  Our team has worked on world-famous consumer brands such as Coca Cola and Grolsch, through business to business, to healthcare: consulting for the NHS and the British Dental Health Foundation.

We have successfully completed thousands of marketing and design projects between us.  Ing is a business created to share our knowledge and experience with existing businesses that want to grow and the new businesses of the future.

Why London & Bristol?  The UK is a world leader in design and creativity with London at its centre. So when we set-up our first studio, London was the obvious location.  Consequently many of our clients are London based and the London design market continues to lead the world and flourish.  However, with business growing we have opened an additional studio in Bristol. The city has a growing reputation as a major creative hub with a fantastic digital infra-structure and pool of young talent. And with the M32 running into the heart of the city and great rail links, Bristol is easily connected to London, the South, South West, Wales and the Midlands allowing us to build a business that focuses on great creativity and value.

Good design is not a luxury.  It's an essential business tool.

We are very passionate about the key role good design has in helping businesses and organisations communicate with their customers and stakeholders.  In the past, access to good design was limited to those with deep enough pockets to pay high consultancy fees. The digital age has transformed this.  Good design is now affordable and should not be viewed as a luxury.  It is an essential business tool.  The application of design as part of the process of building a business should, like good financial governance, or any other crucial business process, such as Health & Safety, be audited, reviewed and evolved where necessary to ensure communication with stakeholders remains effective and relevant within the contemporary environement in which the business operates.  Tastes and fashions change.  The modern becomes out moded.  Businesses that use design to enhance their value and grow understand this. 

With studios in Bristol and London we work for national and international clients, from start-ups to global organisations.

For an informal chat call us on 07342 885 357 or email info@think-ing.uk